A wise person once wrote,

“To Everything There is a Season...A Time to Every Purpose Under the Heaven...A Time to be Born and a Time to Die...” 

The staff at High Point Family Therapy Services understand that life can be difficult, especially when the seasons of life are changing. Whether it be a birth, a death, a marriage, a divorce, or difficult family or organizational relationships, the human spectrum of emotions accompanying these life experiences are challenging.  It is understandable that people are powerfully affected by feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, grief, loneliness, frustration, and even anger during times of change.  It is during these stressful times that people call out for help.  Everyone needs support during an unpleasant or overwhelming phase of life.  Our staff desire to help you regain a sense of hope, direction, and purpose while passing through the tough seasons of life. 

Another great teacher once said,

"Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You."

This is the overarching principle that guides our therapy practice.  Family Therapists are trained to work with the network of relationships that impact not only the health of an individual but also the health of the family or organization as a whole.  So working with the family or organizational system to foster a desired change is considered to be a best practice.

The difficult seasons of life are inevitable, but they also are opportunities for growth and learning.  Our staff members have learned that psycho-education coupled with family therapy help our clients move through Winter and into Spring.