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Kent Berry, L.M.F.T


Rev. Kent Berry, L.M.F.T.,

is a Pastoral Counselor Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in North Carolina, and he maintains his ordination  through the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA).  

Kent's approach to counseling integrates faith and established psychological theory and techniques.  As a trained counselor and seasoned stepfather, Kent brings both professional and personal experience to his work with blended families.  His varied educational background includes a Masters degree in Counseling, a Master of Divinity degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Kent values teaching what has been helpful to him in his own therapeutic and spiritual journey.  
Some Workshops offered pertain to the following topics:
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Communication
  • Family and Organizational Systems
  • Grief, Anxiety, and Depression.


These groups are offered to Individuals, Couples, Families and Pastors.  
  • Clergy Consultation & Support Groups.
  • Group Therapy for Adults
  • Divorce Recovery